Common Myths About Talk Therapy

True or False: “There’s something wrong with me if I need therapy.”

Answer: False.  Therapy is about talking through either short-term or ongoing issues in a comfortable and absolutely confidential setting.

True or False: “I am weak or a failure if I need any help or therapy.”

Answer: False. Some of the greatest or memorable people in history such as Michelangelo, Beethoven, Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill triumphed over depression. More recently, well-known figures such as highly successful Michigan businessman Heinz Prechter and entertainers Marilyn Monroe, Donny Hathaway, Phyllis Hyman and Nina Simone battled debilitating depression and/or mental illness. Today, many celebrities and professional athletes have also been forthcoming about their struggles with emotional well-being.

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True or False: “My faith isn’t strong enough, if I go to therapy.”

Answer: False. God or the Universe, whichever you prefer, helps those who help themselves. These powerful and loving forces also put circumstances, and above all, positive people such as therapists and other healthcare professionals in our paths to help us maintain both healthy and fulfilling lives.

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