Anxiety & Depression Therapy


There’s the anxiety that comes with everyday life situations such as giving a presentation or taking an important exam. Acute or chronic anxiety, however, can also be very pervasive to the point where it can affect your daily life.

“We’ll help you develop and practice effective anti-anxiety coping strategies to overcome fear.”

Everybody’s heard of “The Blues,” but this generally refers to a temporary condition brought on by stress or sudden changes in life. Ongoing clinical depression, however, can cause a chemical imbalance in the brain. This is no different than how a physical illness like diabetes can cause excess glucose in the blood. When clinical depression happens it may be easy to tell yourself or for other people tell you to “just to snap out of it.” But without a combination of therapy and treatment, clinical depression can make daily tasks and function very difficult.

“Whether you are experiencing “The Blues” or clinical depression, we’ll help you overcome negative thoughts and develop positive alternatives and actions.”

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