African Americans Are Increasingly Seeking Therapy

Jinneh Dyson’s initial skepticism about treating her debilitating depression changed after counseling. Her treatment was so transformative that she now splits her time working for the National Alliance on Mental Illness and as a life coach and motivational speaker on mental health. (Eric Kayne/For the Washington Post)

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Is it True Black Folks Don’t Go to Therapy?

The following video explores the stigma associated with talking to a therapist within the African American community. The video brings up ideas that perhaps talking to a healthcare professional makes you “crazy” or weak. But is it crazy or weak to go to the doctor when you have a physical ailment? No. After watching this video, we hope you will agree that talking with a caring and non-judgmental professional can be very helpful in overcoming the unique stressors of daily African American life.

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Back to School and Bullying


Back to school time can be brutal. I know. More than 30 years ago, I was the victim of daily bullying by a group of very, very mean girls.

Each day on the playground, they would follow me around, taunt and torment me, but I was lucky in the sense that I did have a group of supportive friends who would often shelter and circle around me. Every day,  I looked forward to the clang of the last bell of the day so I could go home. In the days before our 24-hour digital and social media hyper world, at least, I could escape my tormentors for a while.

Home, however, wasn’t exactly a haven. When I would cry to my parents and big brother about how I was treated they would tell me to fight back or try to conform with how these girls acted. But I didn’t want to conform, I didn’t like anything about these girls. I know my parents didn’t mean to, but in many ways, I believed they blamed me for how I was treated. They would ask me, “What did you do to make these girls dislike you? You always have been a little odd.” This actually made me feel worse, I was already overweight, tall for my age and wore glasses, and I often wondered, ‘Why aren’t my parents trying to bolster my self-esteem and tell me that I am strong and powerful? Why weren’t they telling me that I didn’t need the approval of those girls?’ It wasn’t that my parents didn’t love me or want the best for me, but I believe they simply thought bullying was just a rite of passage. Their answer simply was “Kids can be mean, and it’s just a part of growing up.”

But it really isn’t. No one has the right to degrade anyone. It was only after that I made a half-hearted suicide attempt (I am so glad I didn’t succeed) that my parents began to take me seriously and got me the help I needed. They signed me up for a bullying support group for kids run by a nationally respected child mental health professional at the time.

Within the confines of this bullying support group, I would soon learn I wasn’t alone and that I had new friends who I could count on when things got rough. Things did get worse, but the point is, I survived. Your kids will also survive. That is,  if you circle around them and do everything possible to boost their self-esteem by accepting them as they are, not as you would have them to be.

I eventually left the school where I experienced bullying. After that, I went on to make a lot of new friends in junior high, in high school, college and beyond. I am convinced, however, that the support group I participated in for more than a year gave me the strength and the coping skills to move on to a happier and more fulfilling school life.
– TK, a Guest Blogger

For more information about the new anti-bullying support groups forming with Evolutionary Intervention, LLC, call 1-888-492-9386 or e-mail Or, simply complete the online form.
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Do You Love You?

“We often spend a great deal of energy trying to find out if we are loved. But it’s important to consider the question: Do you love you?”

How do you show your love (of self)? How are you treating your mind? Your body? Your spirit? If you do not take care of your life, you may perish before your time. Is this what you want for yourself? DO good things and surround yourself with people who are growing and want to see you do the same.

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